Drink Driver Program – Frankston

Important information about booking the correct course
The type of BCP you need to complete depends on the details of your offence.

You will have received a letter from Vic Roads with information about enrolling in the right program. Please refer to this letter when booking your Behaviour Change Program course.

If you have not received a letter or if you’re not sure about which course to complete, please contact Driver Relicensing Services on DDD@roads.vic.gov.au or 1300 723 790 prior to booking and they can provide you with a copy of your letter. 

  • 6 hour facilitated group behaviour change discussion
  • 3 hours per session over 2 consecutive weeks
  • $401 full fee / $368 concession (including VicRoads fee)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the course run over 2 consecutive weeks?
  • Your first session will be held on the date you make your booking for.
  • Your second session will be at the same time one week later.
What happens after I make a booking?

We will contact you by phone and/or email to let you know:

  • When and where the program will be held
  • How to find the venue, including parking and public transport information
  • A brief outline of what the program will involve, what is required of you to complete the program and how long the program will take
What do I need to bring?

Prior to the course starting date: You would have received your Relicensing Letter – the letter addressed to you from VicRoads requiring you to attend the program. The letter is used to confirm your eligibility to register to the course. Your registration to the course is conditional until we can confirm your eligibility. If you know how, you can email us the letter to DDD.Behavio.Change.Program@phcn.vic.gov.au. If you would like to use a different method to confirm your eligibility (you will still need to have the letter), please call us to discuss. (If you do not have a copy of the letter, you can request one via DDDBCP@roads.vic.gov.au)

At the start of the course/sessions:

    • Suitable evidence of identity
    • If you registered by concession, you will need to present your concession card at the start of the course. 
What happens at the course?


Program participation and expectations

As part of our contractual agreement with VicRoads and your responsibility as a participant and in order for you to successfully complete the program you are required to

  • be on time, late attendance is not accepted (no later than 10-15 minutes)
  • not be affected by alcohol or other drugs
  • participate in each activity as required
  • behave in a socially acceptable/appropriate manner at all times
  • attend both sessions, if you are unable to attend session two you must have reasonable evidence to prove why ie a medical certificate. If you need to reschedule session two or do not attend session two you must reschedule session two within four weeks of session one or reschedule for both sessions. This may incur another fee, this will be explained at time of rescheduling

Program material

You will be provided a workbook for your own use during the sessions at no cost.

Video recording

In order for our staff to meet VicRoads approval to present the program we are required to video the presenter when they are running the program. The aim is to film and review the presenter’s skills and compliance with the program content, we will make every effort to film the presenter and protect the privacy of the participants but there may be times you may be filmed in the program. If you have concerns regarding this please discuss this with the presenter.

What happens when I’ve completed the program?
  • You’ll receive a certificate of completion
  • You’ll be asked to complete a participant feedback form
What if I can’t attend?

Please read our refund policy.

Do you offer concession pricing?

Important: You’ll need to bring a valid concession card (Health Care Card, Pension Card, or a Gold Card) to your first session otherwise your booking will be invalid.

Does the course cost include VicRoads fees?

Yes, VicRoads fees are included. Full pricing breakdown is as follows

  • Concession fee $368 ($334 Peninsula Health fee + $34 VicRoads fee)
  • Full fee $401 ($338 Peninsula Health fee + $67 VicRoads fee)

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“The ‘Drink and Drug Driver Behaviour Change Program’ is a program approved by VicRoads under the Road Safety Act 1986. Peninsula Health is one of a number of providers approved by VicRoads to deliver Drink and Drug Behaviour Change Programs.”