From the 1st September 2020, Victoria Police will commence a trial where they will issue infringement notices at the roadside to drivers that test positive to having drugs in their system on their first occasion.

The trial seeks to reduce the time between a driver testing positive and a penalty notice being issued and will run for six months. As you may be aware, if a driver currently tests positive to having drugs in their system at the roadside, a saliva sample is provided to the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine for further testing. After confirmation of the positive test, Victoria Police will then issue a penalty notice. The time taken between detection and receipt of the penalty notice can be between 4 to 6 weeks, the driver then has a further 28 days to drive before the license suspension comes into place. The trial looks to removing first time drug drivers from the road earlier, and to streamline Victoria Police processes.

As part of the trial, if someone tests positive and is issued with an infringement at the roadside, Victoria Police have within 28 days to receive confirmation of the positive test, otherwise the infringement notice will be withdrawn. If the positive test result comes after the 28 days and the original infringement notice has been withdrawn, a new notice will be issued.

Repeat drug drivers will be processed in the same manner as currently exists.

Please direct enquires to Fines Victoria – 1300 369 819.